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Feature Highlight
Feature Highlight

Be the first to join us as Diemancer.com opens up a limited number of registrations to Early Access. And after securing your registration, join us on Discord, where we will be sitting around the tavern fire, swapping stories, and answering questions: https://discord.gg/sbVhWA4GqC

Hang on to your wizard hats. Early Access coming soon!

As Diemancer moves towards inviting our first guests to tour the site, I would like to thank the Monday Order for helping to test the platform and the Shadowfall campaign. This group has been meeting in one form or another for ten years now (usually on Mondays), and Shadowfall will be its 5th campaign. The Order just completed our sixteenth session of Shadowfall and without all those weeks of playtesting, Diemancer would not be possible.

They are:

Bucstar, Tiefling Investigator

Excalibur, Drow Witch

Heathen, Half-Elf Monk

SirLantzerlot, Half-Orc Cavalier

Solis, Human Druid

with a guest appearance by Eric, Gnome Oracle

I think it may finally be time to visit the Duskwardens!