Diemancer Maps
Diemancer Maps are delivered through a browser-based virtual tabletop that can be accessed on any connected device.
  • Beautifully rendered maps, with fluid controls. No stuttering, lagging, or tearing!
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop functionality
  • Completely customizable UI
  • Supports square and hex grids with customizable dimensions
  • Rules and mechanics agnostic, play your game, your way
  • Fully integrated with Diemancer Sheets, allowing easy access to character sheets and die rolls right from the map
  • GMs can see and interact with all Diemancer Sheets on the table, PC and NPC
  • Players can be on different maps and users can view and interact with any number of maps at the same time
  • Use maps, tokens, and other content from the Diemancer Market or upload your favorite sets that you already own
Immediate Goals
  • Shapes, text, and hand-drawn objects
  • Select, copy, move, party, and delete map objects
  • Custom map layers to easily manage elevations, roofs, floors, and other groups of assets
  • 3D animated dice
  • Map help and tutorials
Future Goals
  • Near infinite map sizes
  • Minimap
  • Personal player map layers, so players can keep and share map notes and drawings
  • Map libraries allowing users to share custom maps
  • Animated textures and maps
  • Dynamic lighting
  • Chat bubbles
  • Organize map assets into a customizable folder structure
Diemancer Sessions
Diemancer Sessions played on Diemancer Maps provide real-time connectivity with Game Masters, Players, and even a guest audience.
  • Diemancer Parties can broadcast their sessions live, allowing a guest audience to watch every move and every die roll as they happen.
  • Diemancer Session Replays records every move, every die roll, every text chat, and every other action of each session, creating a permanent record that can be replayed at any time. Step through, move by move, roll by roll, every action from the very beginning to the end of your campaign. Chronicle your party's entire story and relive your character's advancement, step by step, from the very first level till the end.
Immediate Goals
  • Tools to speed up action logging, including macros, most recent die rolls, common dice rolls, and allowing players to submit dice rolls for approval by the GM.
  • After action reports, collating data from session log such as most damage, most kills, highest rolls, roll averages, etc.
  • Audience chat
Future Goals
  • Combat tracker with initiatives, rounds, effect durations, etc.
  • Ability to add comments to a replay, from game masters, players, and audience
  • Discord integration
Diemancer Sheets
Diemancer Sheets can be accssed through any connected device, inside a Diemancer Session or on a separate device. Play a Diemancer Session on your laptop and pull up your Diemancer Sheet on your phone.
  • Switch between automated and manual modes, giving you as much control over your sheet as you desire
  • Customizable automation, allowing creation of custom fields, custom entires, and automatic updates between them
  • Integrated Pathfinder First Edition rules, automating hard-to-track bonuses and modifiers. Look up feats and spells and view rule descriptions, all right from your sheet.
  • Recommendation system lets you review automated changes to your sheet and accept or reject them
  • Records every update, creating a permanent historical record of all changes the sheet has undergone throughout its lifetime that can be reviewed at any time
  • Public sheet library allowing game masters and players to share sheets with the entire community
Immediate Goals
  • Bookmarks to quickly navigate to important points of a sheet's history such as new levels
  • Integratation with recorded Diemancer Sessions, displaying updates to sheet in lock-step with the session replay
  • Sheet help and tutorials
  • Complete integration of Pathfinder First Edition rules
Future Goals
  • Sheet macros to make multiple changes across sheet or complicated dice rolls with the push of a single button or command
  • Integration of Pathfinder Second Edition rules
  • Integrate Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition rules
  • Completely customizable rules for homebrew games, sheets, and campaigns
Diemancer Portfolios
Diemancer Portfolios allow players to view their Diemancer Sheets in any number of different formats, customize their display, and even create their own from scratch.
  • Fully customizable portfolios through HTML design
  • Diemancer Sheets can switch between portfolios on the fly. Use one portfolio with a more mobile firendly layout on your phone and other when on your PC, laptop, or iPad.
  • Public portfolio library allowing players to share portfolios with the entire community
Immediate Goals
  • Pathfinder First Edition class specific portfolios
Future Goals
  • Upload custom images to use in portfolio
  • Tools to allow creation and editing of portfolios without the need to edit HTML
Diemancer Parties
Make a Diemancer Party with friends or find new friends to share stories with, then share them with the Diemancer community.
  • Set parties to private or allow the public to view your party, party members, recorded sessions and/or live sessions
Immediate Goals
  • Player looking for party and party looking for players tools
  • Party banners and description to promote the party to players
  • Calendar tools to schedule sessions, notify members privately, and promote upcoming sessions publicly to a following
Future Goals
  • Choose which game and rule books the party will support, integrating with Diemancer Sheets
Diemancer Campaigns
Diemancer Campaigns combine Diemancer Maps with images and copy to create fully interactive game module experience.
Immediate Goals
  • Completion of the frst installment of the exclusive Diemancer Shadowfall Campaign for Pathfinder First Edition, covering levels 1 to 5
Future Goals
  • Completion of all installments of the Diemancer Shadowfall Campaign for Pathfinder First Edition
  • Diemancer Shadowfall Campaign for Pathfinder Second Edition and Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition
  • Allow users to create and share their own campaigns
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